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The Top 5 Drivers of Burnout

    "The Top 5 Drivers of Burnout"      #1: Loss of Autonomy    ...
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Focus on the problem & Go Easy on Yourself

  "What's Your Problem?"   Burnout is a problem.  I'd like to be hard on the...
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What is pushing your buttons?

  "What is pushing your buttons?"   I have been very impacted recently by some of...
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How to find YOUR PURPOSE

  "How to find YOUR PURPOSE"      I posted a week or so ago on...
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The Floor of your Burnout

      "The floor of your burnout"       I think of the floor...
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Your Burnout Box

Your Burnout Box Let’s talk about your life and how it's built.  Your life is a...
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The Joy of the Second Lane!

The Joy of the 2nd Lane   I grew up in Iowa, where the only time...
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Use Time to overcome Burnout

  "Use Time to Overcome Burnout"   I'm talking more just simply the portion of time,...
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Reach your Goals this Year!

  "Reach your Goals this Year!"     Today, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy...
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