Your Burnout Box

your burnout box

Your Burnout Box

Let’s talk about your life and how it’s built. 

Your life is a box, it’s a construct that you built around yourself that is in general helpful because it gives you guidance and support and protection. But it also can be constricting at times. And I think they’re that conceptually, there are different parts of your life. 


There is your floor, which I think makes up the sum total of all your education experiences. 

You have your work environment wall, which is essentially the things that make up the physical ways to structure your pay and your responsibilities, those types of things as far as your occupation.

You have your mental wall, just kind of a summary of your mental models and paradigms, thought processes, maybe assumptions and prejudices, all those things are mental. 

Your physical wall consists of your health, nutrition, fitness, sleep, diet to your new medical problems and medical issues. 

The financial wall it has contains your inputs and outputs your kind of attitude towards money finance, spending value options, those types of things. 

Your spiritual wall holds spiritual spirituality, faith, belief, belief in a higher power.

And the social wall is your relationships with others and whether or not they’re positive or negative, and how those govern, how you react with others.

Your ceiling is those limiting beliefs that you may have, that’ll stop you whenever you think I’m going to, become the CEO of the hospital, etc. . Those are things that may stop you there but they also may give you some targets or things to break through. So you can bust through those, that glass ceiling. 



So I feel like the structure is what the rest of the book goes into detail about but it’s essentially the things that are important for you to know and a way to think about things in the way you can perhaps break down the different parts of your life that may be driving your burnout, and work on small pieces and each one of those again, begin that upward spiral.

These are important concepts for you to think about to think about how they apply to you and how you can use those to work on it.

Make your  “To Do Lists” in each of those to get better.  That may include getting your system better, getting your work environment better, or maybe actually getting a new job. 

Take care of burnout, and always remember burnout recovery is for you!

~Jeff Moody, MD



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