What is pushing your buttons?


pushing your buttons

“What is pushing your buttons?”


I have been very impacted recently by some of the leading experts on burnout.  One is Jennifer moss, she’s amazing. And the other one is Dr. Corrigan, who all have great content and I would definitely recommend that if you’re suffering from burnout.


I think a critical aspect of burnout is you need to look at what are the things that are pushing your buttons, what are the things that really are making your life bad?


4 Steps to identify this are:

  1. Recognizing that you have problem
  2. Identify the what is driving that what is making you feel like you’re burned out.
  3. Take one plan for one step
  4. Take that action.


Those are the first 4 steps in getting your burnout under control.


I think many people recently or in general feel helpless and hopeless about their burnout. And I really want to stop that! I want to give you back the power and the control. And really, I would say the vast majority of burnout is not anything within you. It is your response to probably an untenable work situation. So really work, prioritize, agitate, and activate for yourself, your colleagues,  and for your your work environment to get better.


Whatever that is and again, recognize your problem. delineate what what is driving your burnout take to dominate an action and take the action.


~Jeff Moody, M.D.



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