How to find YOUR PURPOSE


Find your

“How to find YOUR PURPOSE”


   I posted a week or so ago on Instagram ( @jeffmoodymd )  about purpose. And the interesting thing was I got a lot of pretty heated pretty responses.

 So I asked about what their purpose was, but then everyone was asking me what purpose was or how do I find my purpose, etc.


  I think in my mind, depending on who you talk to, the definition of purpose is, “utilizing the maximum potential that you have in a way that is fulfilling to you.” That’s probably the best definition that I can think of for purpose.

  Other people can have other motivations, maybe it’s for spirituality, for family, or doing the most you can for others because then that comes back to you.


  I think the bottom line is for you to feel fulfilled and happy. You should try to use the maximum potential that you have whatever that is, if that’s being  a physician, or being a stay at home caregiver, being a stockbroker, lawyer, or whatever that is as a career standpoint. I think personally, you also need to find the things that make your heart sing, and the things that are a priority for you and the things that help you achieve your potential.


  Enjoy your time while you’re here because it’s finite. 

Take care of burnout, and always remember burnout recovery is for you!


~Jeff Moody, MD



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