The Floor of your Burnout


the floor of your burnout



“The floor of your burnout”



  I think of the floor as the baseline of all past experiences. The experiences in your life and anything that has happened to you over the course your life that is positive or negative.


  This can be all your family learnings, all your learnings as a child: like touching a hot stove or your first job: mowing lawns or something like that. Or the things that you went through in your life. It kind of formed the basis of  your personality.


  I was originally told by pediatricians that maybe 90% of your personality is formed by age three.


  In chapter nine, we talked about a three-step process to go through to help you go from where you are to where you want to be and reprogram some of those. Those really deep seated, you know, kind of basil things.


  One of mine was “money is bad” that was in there. So therefore, if you had money, you were a bad person, and it took took a lot and it’s a process to go through this thing.


  Work on your floor, it’s part of your box, that we’ll get to all the other walls as we go through our book club here.


Take care of burnout, and always remember burnout recovery is for you!


~Jeff Moody, MD



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