What is Your Burnout Story?

Whats your burnout story?

“What is Your Burnout Story?”

What I’d like to talk about today is your story.

So just like if we were sitting in front of each other right now I want to ask you a question, what’s your story? What is your burnout story?

I ask because, I think it’s important to know.

This is usually the first question we ask our clients is because we want to know your story and how it is affecting you.

Because we want you to know and be able to control that narrative for yourself, because I think it’s very important to recognize how you talk to yourself and pay attention to the stories that you’re telling yourself.

For example, if your story is, I’m stuck, and I’m burnt out, And I can’t help any of this, then that’s exactly the kind of results you’re going to continue to get.

However, the story that we would like you to consider or to tell yourself and to tell others is much more empowering.

One where you own it such as:

Yes, I was burned out, and yes, I have these issues. But I recognize this fully, and I am ready to take the steps to work it out and find what works for me.

This way we can keep an open mind when testing out the different ways to treat our burnout. When you keep a solution focused mindset, the answers that you need come to you much faster than they would if we stayed close-minded. And the best part is you’ll be able to say with much gratitude, I’m better.

So, that is a multi-step process to get you out of the victim mentality, and get you into the problem-solving mode because what do physicians focus on almost all day, every-day? Taking in information, so they assess it, and they help others solve problems, medical problems for people.

So, let’s take that same paradigm and use that to help solve your own problems.

Okay, so I think it’s extremely important that you are careful that you a recognize:

A.) The story you are telling yourself, about yourself.

B.) You recognize how you’re telling this story.

C.) You use the power of that story to move forward, toward an actionable future with a story that, then you’re telling others, and this is an active story, versus a passive victim story.

Again, I’m not blaming anyone.

There are many facets of burnout. That can be out of your control, at least initially, you can control your own personal responses, but then you may need to help me or a change of environment to controlling sort of systemic or outside types of influence that help drive your burnout.

So absolutely make sure you’re telling yourself a good story, make sure you’re telling yourself a right story and actual story, and then move forward with that story.

And again, take the steps that you need to help you reach recovery!

Remember always brought recovery is for you.

~Jeff Moody, MD






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