Resources for Burnout

“Resources for Burnout”


What I wanted to talk about today was just like the profusion of resources that are available for you, obviously, we are trying to act as a resource for you as far as information and actionables for your burnout, but I wanted to share with you even more excellent resources out there as my goal will always be to help people get exactly what they need to alleviate your burnout. 


I’m going to run through them here: 

So, the first and foremost, if you are to the point with your burnout where you think you may harm yourself or you’re thinking about suicidal ideation, therapists, or standby rays to help is an online resource, the National Suicide Hotline is one 800 suicide. So that’s 1-800-784-2433 7842433 or 1 800 273 Talk. Those are both available hotlines if you are an extreme situation at this time.

American Medical Association has a taking steps program that is a good outline to start with your professional societies, no matter what specialty you most likely have programs for wellness and burnout recovery and resilience, even local medical societies our local medical society is developing its own program, and with even perhaps the therapy component have a coaching component that will go along with that.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness or Nami has a great great resource page for healthcare providers so search for NAMI and then healthcare providers, the National Academy of Medicine published a burnout, resilience, and treatments guideline, about a year and a half ago, that is excellent. Mayo Clinic has a host of experts videos, such as Shanafelt who is an expert at burnout in the country and he’s published a book in the last year or so about 12 steps to help to combat burnout and multiple other papers as well, but the Mayo Clinic has developed something called the well being, index which is a great 9-question survey to assess your burnout. Dirk. I started like Drummond has an excellent website but happy MD calm. It’s an excellent resource as well. I know that was a lot BUT the more the better here. 

Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot of on social media about burnout, which is, I guess not surprising since social media seems to be more about bragging about how great things are. If you are burned out, you probably don’t want to admit that and you’re probably not talking about it on social media.

 There’s two pages on Facebook, there’s not much on Instagram. If you prefer having your resources spelled out for you, more details and how you best access information, there’s something called the champions of wellness summit which is a virtual Summit, which actually I’m speaking at tomorrow! This is an annual event with a lot of incredible speakers and insights from many different speakers across country. Click here for more:

Lastly (but not least!),

From an official standpoint, the federal government is finally stepping into the fray and investing  $103 million of the American rescue plan for burnout. This is going towards investigation mental health, and resiliency and training for health care providers throughout the country.

If you figure that there’s a million physicians in the United States I’m not sure if $103 per physician will really attack burnout, BUT at least as a start and there’s some acknowledgement of the fact that there are problems with burnout in the United States.

Again, I think, therapists are an excellent resource for helping people work through their issues. There are a number of books that are useful. Stop physician burnout is an excellent one by again by Doug Cronin. I like to feel like my book The Doctor’s Burnout Physicians Guide to Recovery is a good overview and a kind of different way to look at burnout, along different ways to attack it and move forward.

I have an online course burnout recover for you which is a really incredible way to turbocharge and get your burnout moving in the right direction quickly. If information alone can fix the problem, there would be no burnout because there is a profusion of information throughout, but I think a lot of times it’s inability to take that information and put it into action, or your perhaps you’re feeling a ton of resistance in acknowledging how you are feeling. So myself and my team over at can be great value because we’re all about actionable advice in getting you moving in the right direction.

I really hope this overview of the resources that are out there is useful to you, and obviously get the help that you need. We stand ready to assess that anytime. 

Again, the book The Doctor is Burned Out, Physicians Guide to Recovery as well as the course burnout recovery is for you. Those are available 24-7, so please avail yourself of the resources, and then take the next step which is putting into action.

Remember, always remember, Burnout Recovery is for You!








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