Are You Worth It?


“One Question for Burnout Recovery: Are you worth it?”

I hope and I’m sure your automatic answer to this question is “yes.”

I ask this question with that intention for you to recognize that you have the right and the power to stop burnout dead in its tracks just by acknowledging that you are worth it.

Now that you know that you’re worthy of breaking the burnout cycle, how exactly do you begin to do it?

And I want to share one of the easiest ways you can start pivoting out of your burnout is by loving yourself. Now before you exit out of this blog and completely disregard this, something you need to understand is that if you are really concerned for your well-being and you acknowledge you are worth that, loving yourself through it will be a crucial factor in this process.

That love will be your fuel to structure your life and act in a way that ensures that whatever you do is going to be in your best benefit.  

Again this is easier said than done. You are probably still thinking  “what do you mean, love yourself?” And the answer is yes because you have acknowledged that you value yourself, you care for yourself and you value your time, so now you back it up with implementing whatever you need more of in your day-to-day. While silencing your inner critic.

Silencing your inner critic is especially important in being in medicine.

I know a lot of us can feel into this because we are constantly questioning ourselves and our actions in our work because someone’s well-being and quite literally their life can depends on it. So we learn to question everything, and when you are doing that all day everyday, that voice can become overpowering and overbearing which pours into ourselves.

Learn to breathe and give yourself a break.

Smile at yourself and with yourself! Let yourself feel how valuable you are and worthy you are of what you want. Feel that love, make time to be with that love you so freely give to others. I believe how you feel and treat yourself should be at the TOP of your to-do list. So treat yourself well, because the more you are well cared for the better you will show up in your life and in your work.

Remember you are WORTH it.

~Jeff Moody, MD






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