You are not trapped!

you are not trapped

You are not trapped!


   I think as much as we talk about the concept of your burnout box and the life that you have constructed about yourself with burnout that you may feel trapped. At the end of the day, I think we really discount the amount of our own agency and the amount of power you have on your own situation, your conditions, and what agreements you’ve made. I love talking about agreements. What are the overt agreements that have been made about your current situation? 


If you’re not happy…


  If you are not happy with your current situation from whatever facet: financial, work environment, physical, social, and spiritual, then to use the exercises that we’ve talked about previously to try to get you to the point where you are not feeling trapped because you know, you have many, many options. The thing about not feeling trapped is that at the end of the day, you know that you you should feel peace about the fact that you have many different options.


  You need to not get to the point where you feel like that you’re so trapped that you can harm yourself or or kill yourself.  I think that’s the real problem at the end of the day is with some physicians who feel so trapped and so powerless about their burnout, that that they feel like that’s their only option. 


We are here to help you!


  Get a hold of us. So get a hold of your mental health and your wellness providers if you’re getting that point.  Always, there are options. There are many, many hundreds of people in your lives who love you and want to help so you’re not trapped.


Burnout is treatable!


  Burnout is treatable, burnout is recoverable. So remember, always burn out recovery is for you.

~Jeff Moody, MD




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