New Habits for 2022: Journaling



  Journaling is a new habit that I’m picking up this year from one of my resolutions. It’s one of my new activities or habits for 2022.  The particular journal I like (“The Daily Stoic”)  is one about life and how you react to it.


  Journaling for me is great because it helps me crystallize my thoughts and my response to things. I am very good at answering questions, but sometimes I’m not great at posing questions myself. I can’t just sit down and write two pages of journaling, but this is a great book in that it has questions and then you can have your responses.



“Am I seeing clearly acting generously  and accepting what I can’t change?”

  My responses? “Yes, yes. And yes.”  I just like that there’s a theme for each week and you have morning and night responses. But this is called,  “The Daily Stoic Journal,” It’s by Ryan Holiday. He has a number of other excellent books.


  One of my other  favorites is “Stillness is the key.”  And that’s because I think we are there’s a lot of noise in medical practice and in our lives.


New Habit: Journaling


  I think it helps you define what you’re thinking how you’re thinking and your priorities.


Put pen to paper: 

  When you put on paper and then you can go back and look at it a week from now, a month from now, or a year from now.  I think you’ll find utility and find wisdom in it. Another one of the questions is, “what is the wisdom I’m creating today?” And I think the wisdom that you’re creating today is your responses to questions that are impactful and important to you.


  So once you know that you’ll know yourself better, you’ll know what your priorities are, and then you can start to attack your burnout from the inside out.


And we’ll talk more about this in some other some other of our weekly video tips. The bottom line is,  adopt a habit and maybe adopt a habit like journaling.  Something where you can learn to know yourself better. It’s been very useful for me I’ve been doing it for about a month and I highly recommend it! I also highly recommend Ryan’s book. It’s very helpful.


Get the help you need. Remember always, Burnout Recovery is for you!

~Jeff Moody, MD




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