How to Make Life Changes

“How to Make Life Changes”


 “Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” – Bikram Choudhury



Change. It’s difficult. It’s hard. No one likes it. 

We are creatures of habit. Habits are very useful for us. And it is sometimes difficult to talk about or think about making changes. 

If  things were perfect, you wouldn’t be talking about or thinking about or doing something with your life as far as burnout. 


Clearly, burnout is kind of a slow, insidious change, not of your choice. 

Now we have to kind of walk that back and change the parts of your life that became bad. The work parts, the environment, compensation, perhaps it’s your fitness, your nutrition, sleep, or health.


You have to reassess and change back to not even baseline but maybe to an improving way that you then you were before.



My Favorite books on change: 


There’s a book called,  “Atomic Habits.”  There’s also a book called, “The Power of Habit.”  These are very important because you essentially change. The essence of change is finding a new habit that is useful instead of your current habit that is damaging.


Change is a multi-step process.


I always feel like you have to stop doing what you’re currently doing. I love Charles Duhigg techniques where you talk about a similar trigger and a similar result, but a different action in the middle.


For example, if the trigger was something that would typically have made you angry, you need a trigger that will help you become more patient.Then you will get a same result which is relief of stress, which before it was only the anger and that display of anger that gave you that relief of stress.



Change the action in the middle! 


Don’t be afraid of change.


Embrace it as long as possible.


And always remember, burnout recovery is for you!

~Jeff Moody, MD




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