Diet: How it Relates to Burnout


“Diet: How it Relates to Burnout”

Believe it or not, our diet can have a major impact on many bodily functions. These including your five senses, pH level, blood pressure, blood sugar level, the ability to rebuild tissues and your balance. Practicing a healthy diet can help you maintain these body functions as you continue to age.

Every 100 days, essentially, all the soft tissues in your body are rebuilt using what you have eaten in the last 100 days. Bone takes about 10 years, nails take about a year, but soft tissue gut is rebuilt in three to five days. It’s a very very fast turnover process.


How does this relate to burnout?


 Well, from a fitness and diet standpoint, you are what you ate over the last 100 days. I thought that was incredible to think about that and like wow, what have I been putting into my body in the last 100 days? And how has that affected my physical plant? How has that affected my ability to deal with things and also recover from burnout?


At Work:


While working in the operating room over the course of my career, I’m thrilled that our hospital systems have become much more aware of having good food available, and I hope that’s widespread throughout the country.

And if that’s not the case, then you probably need to be more aware of the types of things that you have available for you and if they’re not, you need to have them available. Because, you’re constantly building yourself.

Because, again, think about what you’re putting in your mouth is what’s going to build you over the next 100 days. So, I think, with a great physical plant your own body, with great fuel and food that you put in it. That really helps you recover from burnout in a much quicker fashion so take that to heart.


Eat good things, and then we will see.

~Jeff Moody, MD





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