Burnout and Time

Burnout and Time

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”
― Lao Tzu


What I’d like to talk about today is burnout and time. If burnout was any other issue, we would have resources and help. I think one of the biggest elements is, is there enough time?  Because in essence, we feel tremendous time pressure to:


√ See patients in an efficient manner

√ To be on time

√ To be on our schedule

√ To take care of patients in a timely fashion, especially those patients who are critically ill


So time from a medical standpoint is very precious and critical. 

However, when you start applying that time aspect yourself, sometimes the burnout becomes one of those things that falls kind of at the bottom of the pile. 


Time is always there.


I’m a big believer and I think this is kind of what we preach within our programs is that “time is always there, it’s just a matter of your prioritization of the time.” And so what I’d like you to think about today for the next week is how you’re prioritizing your time.


Put down your phone!


 I’m a big fan of saying, “put down your damn phone,” social media, those types of things. Consume maybe one or two hours per day. That’s plenty of time to exercise and devote time to getting your burnout taken care of making new plans.


3 Steps to reduce TIME BURNOUT: 

  1.  Do a time survey for a day or two, maybe a work day. Then maybe a weekend day or an off day and see where your time is allocated or spent how you do it. If you have other commitments or demands on your time, which I totally respect to understand but I think you’d first need to know how that is being utilized.
  2.  Number two, I think you need to ask yourself: “Is that an appropriate use of the utilization that you want?”
  3.  The next step  would be taking and reallocating some of that time, to helping yourself and to reimagining your life, and moving towards those hot button issues, those blood boiling issues that are really driving your burnout.


Once you’ve done those things and those steps, then you can start to see how the time is really infinite. It’s really a question of your prioritization of that time. 


  I hope this weekly video tip didn’t take too much of your time but think about how you prioritize and use your time. I think that’ll help you get well on your way towards getting the burnout that you’re feeling under control.

~Jeff Moody, MD






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