Why You Need A Team Approach To Burnout

Team Approach


Why You Need A Team Approach

You may be thinking: is this necessary? Or maybe you are taking sole responsibility in your burnout and do not believe it needs to become a discussion among your team.

And it is possible to do that completely on your own, to be honest I did that (well not completely started on that path as I decided to lean in on therapy, my family, my hospital system ETC.)

So realistically I did have a team and I think a team is extremely important in working through burnout. Because we are not alone in our burnout. Burnout wasn’t something you created all on your own, burnout is a result of the forces around you and your environment. It will take that same level of cooperation from your outside world to help you.

Who Should Be On Your Team?

Number 1: you. It will be imperative that you decide right away how important it will be to get on top of your Burnout.

Number 2: Your family. Because just as burnout is affecting you, it is definitely affecting them.They need to be on your team, knowing what your intentions are and how to support you.

Number 3: Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Therapy is your friend, look into your options and see what type of therapy will be best for your particular situation.

Number 4: Your financial needs, I would suggest finding the right financial people to help you create a plan if there is a need to re-arrange your finances to support you in healing your burnout. This, of course, should support the lifestyle you want and need.

Number 5: Legal assistance, this is important to make sure you are keeping up on all your contractual needs and legal obligations.

Number 6: Definitely recommend a physician to help you stay on top of your health.

Number 7: A trainer!!! Someone who will help you get your exercise and nutrition in line!

Your movement and wellness matters.

Now you got an idea of who needs to be on your dream! Go out and recruit, begin leading in your burnout recovery so that you can get back on track with the life you truly deserve to be living!

Go to JeffMoodyMD.com and connect with us to get you the right tools to take  action and get to where you want to be. And remember, burnout recovery is for you!

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