The Costs of Burnout

the cost of burnout

“The Costs of Burnout”


  What I would like to talk about today are the costs of burnout. And I know a lot of people, institutions, doctors and other professions all think the costs of burnout are personal.


The costs of burnout are not just personal.


  The problem too is they can evolve and lead to other problems.  If you have personal issues they can spill into relationships which lead into divorce, which can be very emotionally draining and financially costly.

  Burnout can cause you to work differently or work less as a way to kind of meter or temper the amount of time that you’re in an environment where you burnout.  Instead of actually fixing the burnout within yourself and within the system or the environment, you essentially are dosing yourself less frequently with the things that cause your burnout. 


The financial impact of burnout can be significant.


  It can cause you financial stress, financial strain, and you may be less productive in your career than you could be.  You may be less successful as a person that may be on their component of your burnout, which may be frustrating to you. 


Consider all of the facets of burnout:


  There are many, many, many facets and many impacts of burnout.


   And at the end of the day, you can call burnout whatever you want. But the effects and the results are the ones that propagate out to the rest of life with financial relationship, mental health, and many other impacts.  Don’t think that if you just get better sleep or you just get yourself better, and then you’re your own personal burnout is better than that everything else will magically be better.


   It requires a multi-set, multifaceted process to get your burnout better. 

   So keep working. Come find us. Burnout recovery is for you!

~Jeff Moody, MD







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