Technology Hacks to Save You Time

Want to maximize your time while reducing technology burnout?

Today’s ever-expanding work tech—designed to increase employee connectivity and productivity in the age of remote work—is a key culprit in the stress and burnout epidemic.

Have you ever caught yourself in the time trap of scrolling though social media, checking email, or notifications? I know I have! And before you realize it, an hour has gone by and you’re not even sure how that happened?

We all love our smart phones, but to a certain extent we have been somewhat addicted to our phones. It can be a HUGE time trap, without realizing it.

What determines your actions? To a large extent, your habits do.

How in the world do you actually make change? How do you attack your burnout? I am trying not to leave you in the middle of the lake with no paddle. First, you need a plan, as you are outlining above and below. Then what? You are where you are because of the results of your actions.

In this video we talk about how to use technology to leverage your time:

  • My favorite apps
  • How to set time limits
  • Technology “detox”

Here are my TOP key tips & daily time saving habits:


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Jeff Moody, MD, Author
The Doctor is Burned Out: A Physician’s Guide to Recovery
Lioncrest Publishing, 2020





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