Plan your Work, Work your Plan.

work your plan


Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League once said:

“Plan your work and work your plan.”


Let me tell you how. I think one of the more important components of burnout recovery is:


Figuring out where you are. 


 Figure out where you are and then…


Figure out where you want to go.


 So then you will have a plan and you will know where you want to go. 

Have a destination.


It’s hard to get to a place without knowing what your destination is, once you have a destination, you’re going to go ahead and then plan that work, and then follow that plan. 


If you know exactly where you’re going, and you know exactly what you need to do to get there, then that’s exactly what we do in the art all day every day. I think that’s a very important process. 


Tonight before you go to bed, create a to-do list of the things you plan to accomplish tomorrow.


List them by priorities based on your goals in the six major areas of your life. . .spiritual, family, financial, physical, mental and social.

Then list the top 6 most important tasks of the day, focus on those first.


Remove obstacles, roadblocks and delays from your future.


Once you have determined your goal, developed your plan and identified your obstacles, immediately take action toward achieving your goal.


Don’t talk about it. Do it.


You will never complete your plan if you decide to only work on them when it’s convenient or you feel like it.  In six months or six years, you don’t want to look back and be an “Ida.”  That’s someone who says “If I’d of” only done this or If “I’d of” only done that.  The one thing you don’t want to say as you look in the mirror of your life is the words “coulda,” “shoulda,” “woulda,” or “One day I’m gonna.”


No excuses. 

Now is the time, this is the day, YOUR DAY, YOUR TIME.


Work your plan.




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