Are the Challenges of Burnout Too Much?

First off, does this sound like you: 

  • Do you dread Monday mornings, starting Sunday night?
  • Does the pace of your work crush all of the joy out of it and you?
  • Is your physical, mental and financial health suffering due to your burnout?
  • Does your family suffer, feel loss of love and connection with you from your burnout? 
  •  Does your family shun you due to your frustration and anger?

If so good, you are in the right place!

Lets start with an important shift:

1.) Take responsibility for being in a place of burnout.

You must recognize it and own it so you can finally start getting ontop of it! You may have fallen into the trap of everything that is causing your burnout is outside of your control…And that is simply only true if you believe it! Awareness that you have the power is the first step and start mixing up your routine! More jogging in nature, alone time, reading, breathing ETC. 

2.) Don’t keep driving yourself crazy by doing the same things. 

Whatever you have been doing clearly is not working! In fact, what exactly are you doing that is leading to the result you have now? And think about what do you want? What little changes can you start making now, to get the results you want and start living the life you deserve! Start viewing yourself differently! You are a living, breathing, human being…not just some label society has given you. Start putting your well-being first so burnout doesnt have to be your life!

The New Way to Overcome Burnout:

Actively take control, change yourself, change your environment, reconstruct your life box and focus on your wellness.

Your life is a box of construction. It holds all your experience, talents, work ethics, integrity, mental models, relationships, health, goals and dreams. It is the framework that keeps you safe, provides for you and your family.

However the walls and ceilings of the box (much like a boat!) can also serve as the barriers, holding you into place, preventing you from getting where you want and need to go!

Your burnout is woven into the floors, walls and ceilings of your box. In order to get your burnout under control, you need to make changes to your box aka need a bigger boat. You can do that be replacing the parts that no longer serve you. 

You dont need a perfect plan, you just need a good plan you can quickly excute right away.

We want to help you create and excute your plan:







Go to and connect with us to get you the right tools to take  action and get to where you want to be. 

Remember, burnout recovery is for you!


“Five Steps Doctors Use to Finally Break Free from Burnout, Sleep Like A Baby at Night and Reclaim Their Energy” {without sacrificing their time}








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