Burnout Breakthrough Live with: Matt Scott

Kicking off your Friday of the BURNOUT BREAKTHROUGH Live series with special guest Matt Scott!! A big thank you to Matt for joining me on the show!


Matt and I talked about:


👉 How Matt is staying safe during this pandemic.


👉 The importance of destigmatizing burnout.


👉 The importance of remembering your why.


Meet Matt:


📌Matt Scott is passionate, driven, and relentless: all qualities that ensured him a gold medal atop the podium at the 2016 Rio Paralympic games in wheelchair basketball. As a 4x Paralympian, Matt has a strong desire to be an ambassador for his sport, and highlight the true athleticism it takes to compete at the highest level of wheelchair basketball. His athletic resume speaks for itself. He’s been featured in popular sports magazines such as DIME Magazine®, Men’s Fitness®, and SLAM Magazine®. The 2008 ESPY® nominee was also the star of Nike®‘s nationwide “No Excuse” Campaign in a groundbreaking television advertisement. His impressive skills on the court have made him an internet sensation, with his videos gathering millions of views worldwide. Dominant speed, power, and overall athleticism have been the cornerstones of his success on the court.


Meet Your Host – Jeff Moody:
📌  Dr. Moody is a full-time Urologist and the author of, “The Doctor is Burned Out”. Dr. Moody knows that burnout is an all too common experience for healthcare professionals. He works diligently to help doctors recover from burnout and prioritize work-life balance – by establishing actionable steps for time management and seeking support for mental health. Through his burnout recovery process, he teaches doctors how to take back their lives and reignite hope towards an enhanced identity. You are worth the effort to change!


You can watch this replay of the Burnout Breakthrough Live: with  Matt Scott right here! 👇


Burnout Breakthrough shares lessons on finding your personal value, prioritizing work-life balance, and bouncing back after burnout.  


My team and I are on a mission to help YOU breakthrough burnout. I want to teach you how to reimagine a balanced life.  





Reimagine Your Life!  



Facebook: @jeffmoodymd

LinkedIn: @jeff-moody-91566a10



Reignite your hope and create an enhanced identity!!  Learn how to break through burn out and redirect your life’s course.  Pre-order my book The Doctor is Burned Out!



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